In this twelve minute clip from a Satsang in Poland,  Mooji explains that the mind is not the big problem or hurdle that people make it out to be. Once one truly realizes that the mind itself is powerless and phenomenal in nature,  one can start focusing on the only true point of power.  Here’s Mooji to explain…

In this wonderful 17 minute audio from Monte Sahaja, Mooji offers some detailed practical advice on how to deal with negative emotions and mind attacks.  Since this offers the answer to one of the most sought after questions, lets listen in very carefully to his advice…

In this wonderful five minute video, Mooji helps us realize how much we follow our thoughts to which we assign such validity that we keep on delaying the realization of something that we already are.  Let’s listen in while a seeker comes to this realization…

In this lovely six minute video clip, Mooji dives deep into the nature of our beliefs, how they work, how they create delusion and suffering and although they seem to shape our moment to moment experiences, they are truly only phenomenon that can be observed by the Isness of our existence.

In this eight minute video clip, Mooji talks about how much importance we place on our mind and how we let our minds dictate our lives.  He goes on to say how imperative it is for us to shake this trust in our minds before freedom can be fully realized within us.  Is your mind YOUR guru?  Lets listen and find out…

In this very inspired five minute video from Mooji, he impresses upon us over and over again that our true nature is “Prior to” anything and everything.  Here Mooji explains what he means by that…

In this eight minute video clip, Mooji responds to an inquiry about how to deal with our monkey mind. This was the number one video on our site until we had to take it down because it was deleted, but now it is back so enjoy!!

In this 5 minute video, Mooji explains that in order to escape the tyranny of the mind, we must decide that no matter what, we will not spend our life cowering to the mind and that there is no projection scary enough to remain as a puppet for the mind.

This video clip is related to this clip.

In this six minute video clip, Mooji responds to a questioner that says that as soon as her eyes open in the morning she is bombarded with thoughts and no matter what she tries it is a constant battle playing itself out in her head and desperately wants to know what she can do about it. Mooji offers simple, effective advice…

This video clip is related to this clip.

In this wonderful 10 minute video from Mooji, he drives home the point that our true “Self” is incorruptible and can only appear to be corrupted if we dream corruption, because in actuality that which is one can never be two, it can only dream two-ness.  Realizing this is the key to the freedom that we seek.

In this short video, Mooji replies to an inquiry about good thoughts verses bad thoughts. He explains that while the attention is focused on the value of thought, the thinker of thoughts is missed. What we want to do is place our attention on the Undivided Seer.

In this interesting 5 minute video, Mooji responds to a seeker that wants to know which thoughts are coming from mind and which are coming from consciousness. Mooji explains that the main difference is to recognize whether the thoughts are personal in nature or universal in nature.

In this 8 minute video, Mooji explains that it is important for one to realize that there is nothing wrong when old thought patterns emerge because old thought patterns and activity can still come during the transition from the personal self to pure awareness, and in fact, can still come after full awakening has taken place.

This is one of Mooji’s most passionate short videos ever recorded. On one of his walks, Mooji responds to everyone and to thousands of questions sent to him on an ongoing basis about all the issues they think they are experiencing that is keeping them from freedom. THIS 4 MINUTE VIDEO IS A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE!

In this short, yet very important video, Mooji replies to a questioner that asks “Is Freedom From Thought Freedom From Ego?” and “I Can Not Stop Thoughts… Am I a Hopeless Case?” Mooji explains that it is not possible to stop thoughts permanently and that stopping thoughts is not the goal. It is more about being free from the influence of thought… see how Mooji replies…

In this 7 minute video Mooji explains our proper relationship with thought. Freedom is not being free from thought. Freedom is being free from the influence of thought and realizing that thought by itself is nothing.

Mooji answers a letter asking about fears and resistance. He explains that finding out who these fears and resistance are for and where do they come from. Are they real?  Is it mind playing games with you? Could it be possible that they are happening because you don’t yet truly know who you are?

In this video Mooji tackles the question about worry and what to do about it.  His advice focuses mainly on worry about your children as a parent, but the message would be the same for any kind of worry.

In this short 8 minute video, Mooji shows us that the mind can make up all kinds of crazy excuses to keep us from being free. We need to realize that these crazy thoughts, beliefs and excuses are just that, and upon realizing this we are released to claim our freedom.

The windshield wiper story they are speaking about at the beginning of the video can be found here.

This video clip is so AMAZING that there are no words to describe its importance if one is truly searching for the truth. In 5 minutes, Mooji speaks of at least  6 “Ah Ha!” revelations in simple, clear language that anyone that is ready for the truth can understand and assimilate. This video was given 5 stars only because this blog can not accommodate 10 stars. That is how important the information in this video is.

Mooji can  fluctuate greatly in clarity depending on many things, but this is one of those times when he speaks from a place of unbound clarity as if his words are coming from the Universe itself.

In this video, Mooji explains the mechanism of thoughts and that as long as we believe in our thoughts, then they must come into existence in some form whether it is emotional, psychological, or physical. It is our energy that supplies the fuel for their continuance. If ignored, or not believed in, they disappear just as quickly as they appeared because they can not continue to exist on their own.