In this inspiring short 11 minute spontaneous video, Mooji shares very simple and practical advice on how to begin the day grounded in presence. Let’s get started…
In this FANTASTIC 5 minute compilation created by Jasmin Davis, we find clips that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mooji is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the way his followers feel about him and that he constantly discourages people from kissing his feet.  It just so happens that this is a VERY common way to show respect in the Indian community and they just feel the need within themselves to show their respects to Mooji.  Let’s listen to the reality… Click here to find out why people kiss feet in the Indian tradition.
In this wisdom filled 5 minute audio clip, Mooji describes living an unconditional life and that there’s no need to tie yourself to any condition. The state of perfection, which is your ‘effortless state’, is a joyful state.  He goes on to talk about having the best attitude of “I dont mind.”
In this glorious thirteen minute video, Mooji speaks about not indulging the mind and learning to read the language of the vital force.  This clip is filled with great wisdom and worth every minute to watch …
In this wonderful eleven minute video clip, Mooji reminds us that we don’t need to try to judge, change or improve every little spontaneous action or reaction that we may have.  Our true position is to remain as awareness without identifying with the activities of the body mind. Let’s listen to Mooji’s wise reminder…
In this lovely five minute video, Mooji shares a few words on the mind produced illusion of time and that “despite being panicked by the thought that time is disappearing, and that your life disappears along with time, you will know that what disappears is only that which belongs to time and it is an illusion.”
In this short six minute video of a spontaneous moment with Mooji, he explains that life will take on all kinds of thoughts and activities as long as we have a body and the mind will try to play the judge of what is happening, but all we need to do when this happens is to keep quiet and just let life unfold on its own.
In this very important five minute video, Mooji explains that we don’t need to plan the future with our minds, other than for practical purposes, because God has a much better plan than our minds can come up with. This video also contains advice for decision making.  Let’s listen…
This five minute moment from Mooji was taken from one of his walks as he expresses that there is nothing of himself that he can call “Me” and that everything belongs to the “One”.  Let’s enjoy his wisdom…
Here’s a fun little three minute video that demonstrates Mooji‘s ability to share wisdom from a small spontaneous Satsang happening in the middle of a carpark. Let’s listen in…
This six minute video starts out with a seeker asking, “Do you have a dream or a vision for mankind?” Mooji explains that now is the only point of life that exists and that this life is not a rehearsal for something down the road.
In this five minute video clip filmed at the Kannapa Temple in Tiruvannamalai, India, we see Mooji having an impromptu Satsang explaining that the first step in “realizing” the God-Self within us is to learn how to bring our attention away from the forest of associations and attachments.
This six minute video from the words spoken by Mooji is to debunk the notion that we can somehow be somewhere other than now. We hear it said in everyday life that somehow we need to find a way to be more in the now, when in actuality we can not be anywhere other than now. Listen to Mooji’s wisdom on now…
This short five minute audio clip is from a super popular video clip that has been shortened to provide us with a quick reminder we can listen to often. This is a great little clip to listen to first thing in the morning to keep us on track for the rest of the day.
In this 5 minute video from an impromptu walk in the hills of Portugal, Mooji explains that there is no need to try and understand the universe and fill your mind with concepts that can only lead you away from the “Self”. The key lies in becoming empty and following the light within ourselves.
In this short 6 minute video, Mooji answers the question “How can I live life being still and without identity?” This quite a common question that is the result of a common misunderstanding. Mooji explains how activities of life can take place spontaneously on the outside and yet the self remains still and without identity on the inside.
In Part 2 of 2 of this amazing discourse with a devotee, Mooji shows that for most, the understanding of the “Truth” is only mental and that in actuality the Truth has not been realized within because of fear of what is going to happen to their physical existence (or life) if they give up the idea of who they think they are.  Mooji goes on to explain that one must stand boldly with their understanding to realize the full meaning of the Truth. To view Part 1 (not necessary), please click here.
In this video Mooji explains that true “I” is NOT personal. Activities are taking place spontaneously but the “Self” remains untouched.  The “Self” is not involved. The mind is not needed for the activities of life to take place, only for practical purposes.  If you don’t believe it, then put it to the test and see what happens.
Mooji explains that we believe everything into existence. Thoughts have no power by themselves. A thought without belief is nothing at all, has no power; a thought with belief can start a war, or begin to heal a nation. FIVE STAR VIDEO!!
This video is one of the best Mooji videos of all time. It is 24 minutes long but it is worth every minute. In fact you may want to put this on your repeat list. This video is for those (many of us) who understand all that Mooji is talking about, but can’t seem to make the final shift from “Person” to “Presence”.
This is a wonderful short video where Mooji describes how we can come to see that everything is always happening all by itself. No need for projections and no need for the “person” to claim responsibility for what is happening.
In this wonderful video, Mooji speaks on the fact that we need to set the “person” aside so that the Universe can express freely.  Another reminder that life wants to express through the body without the agenda of a false sense of self.
This excellent 6 minute video is in response to someone asking “Can you offer some advice on how we can stay more in the now?”  This is classic Mooji responding in the most direct way always pointing to the same undeniable truth.
In this short 5 minute video Mooji speaks on the flow of consciousness which determine all of your life’s experiences and events, including your relationships. This video also includes Mooji’s response to “How can I find a life partner?”
In this 9 minute video, Mooji takes us on the journey from mind to Awareness itself.  Polish beings will find this video especially interesting as it is instantly translated into Polish.
What is life like after awakening?  This video from Mooji presents in detail and super easy descriptions of what life is like after awakening. I published this video last July but I think it is worth another visit.
Mooji describes in detail what it is like for him at his level of understanding. This very short video is one of the best ever.  Don’t forget to share this one with your friends.
In this video Mooji explains that all we need to do is hold our attention on presence. We need to follow the movement of presence rather than handing the moment over to the mind to try to figure out what’s next.