Mooji Video: That Which is One Can Never Be Two

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In this wonderful 10 minute video from Mooji, he drives home the point that our true “Self” is incorruptible and can only appear to be corrupted if we dream corruption, because in actuality that which is one can never be two, it can only dream two-ness.  Realizing this is the key to the freedom that we seek.

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sally says:

Dearest Beloved Mooji Baba Thank You I Love You…Such beautiful Intelligence No Questions Om Shanti
Mooji Om Shanti Thank You ‘all and all’ for your care and love for ‘all you do. I am too doing my service to support Truth I Love you

Yasemin says:

Schade….viele Videos sind nicht in Deutsch. Ich verstehe nicht soviel Englisch !!

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