Mooji: Nothing to Do to be What I Am (MUST WATCH!)

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Mooji describes in detail what it is like for him at his level of understanding. This very short video is one of the best ever.Β  Don’t forget to share this one with your friends.

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Glenda Jasper says:

Words of ancient wisdom Mooji speaks thru
We have all come to awaken once again in knowing in believing in all that is made possible to achieve this lifetime..namsate

Starshine says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Moojiji…you are always in our hearts. Bowing down to your Divine Lotus Feet…Namaste’

Michael Jacobs says:

I get the impression that Mooji himself doesn’t fully know who he is. If he knew who he is and who we all are, he would speak directly about that. He would feel no need to separate e.g. the experience of suffering from the experience of joy. He would be happy with both. πŸ™‚

admin says:

That’s because Mooji realizes that he is “nothing” just as you are. How can “nothing” know who he is? If you stop believing in the made up story of the “person” as who you are, all of these things will become very clear for you. Namaste.

Inge says:

I understood that Mooji said that he is rooted in in this experience which I assume is awareness and it doesn’t matter, if sorrow or joy or sorrow or anger arises, they come and go they just don’t linger, they don’t leave seeds. And his joy of being never gets disturbed or if it does it is not for long… He just observes…
What do you think?

admin says:

Yes, everything comes and goes and make cause “ripples on the surface of the water”, but quickly everything returns to silence. Please keep in mind that there is no “he” that observes. It is just that observing takes place.

eunice says:

I am so very happy to hear the truth of being! I can suffer less, anger less, identification less. I cannot sit among the wordy discriptions without recognizing the disturbing thoughts generating. This truth lightens the load vocabularies for person existence and conditioning loses it value. I see the freedom that has /is there. I am nothing is fully alive. I thank you Mooji, I bow at your feet. I bow at Jesus feet. I feel alive because here truth is spoken.

Marlaya says:

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love

Mary says:

I start everyday with a shot of Mooji in my coffee! He always sets the tone for my day! Always my day is wonderful! I am grateful!

Aziz says:


All this, is really great to watch, as it enables me to learn quite a lot in many fields. Thank you very much for making it available to a person like me, as I am in a permanent search for the truth. I wish you a good day.

God bless you,

Danielle Choquette says:

So simple,joy unlimited.Thank you,Michael! _()_ <3

lynley says:

Much reveals as keeping quiet. Much reveals. Still not clear if this ‘i don’t care about it’ is relevant from awakened state or a dulling down of one heart. I have heard it called spiritual bypassing. In dedication, seeing will see. Thankyou and Namaste x

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