Mooji Video: The Real Thing – The Final Shift

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This video is one of the best Mooji videos of all time. It is 24 minutes long but it is worth every minute. In fact you may want to put this on your repeat list. This video is for those (many of us) who understand all that Mooji is talking about, but can’t seem to make the final shift from “Person” to “Presence”.

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Gillian Valentine says:

Thank you for sharing.

virginia says:

not me? IF ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renée says:

Most clear and loving ography of the “I”

Rowena says:

The real thing!!

Danielle Choquette says:

Thank you so much! <3 _()_ Shared! _()_

Brigita says:

Please look at the women at the 13.52 min. She is amazing! 🙂

Swami Yogasagar says:

He is speaking pure Patanjali sutra. The I is one of the 5 klesha. All knowledge learned by listening to guru or reading is helpful to prepare you for recognising the actual experience when you have the experience.

Sadhana is the effort you make to strengthen your awareness so that you can observe and perceive without any attachment to liking and disliking (also klesha). One must transcend the influence of the mind if you want to have the experience for yourself.

Anonymous says:

When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me then we are One and the same.

lynley says:

The living thing. Hungry for itself. Rises as him in inside it’s moment eternal fulfillment. Pseudo life to the fire. Whatever. However. I could follow this everywhere. Already it. I could give everything up everything to lay beside this tiger. This one tiger. I dreamt the tiger keeps coming and I keep running blocking escaping. This tiger is home. It’s a ferocious version of Satsang. Life. This is the most powerful video!!!!!! Mooji thankyou I understand this falling at a teacher’s feet now. It is life.

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