Mooji Video: The Flow of Consciousness Includes Relationships

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In this short 5 minute video Mooji speaks on the flow of consciousness which determine all of your life’s experiences and events, including your relationships. This video also includes Mooji’s response to “How can I find a life partner?”

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Dorit Ehrke says:

One of my favorites, i never have to waste time, kissing frogs, such a clear picture! Thank you so much!

Lynn says:

One of my favourites too .. I laughed so much at the end, because a few years back, before I even saw this clip for the first time, I told the universe (after yet another relationship break-up) that I no longer wanted to ‘kiss frogs’!! This video contains all of wisdom you need!!

Chrstina Todd says:

Joy!!! Thank you all that is is all and in all. Perfectly flowing .

Anonymous says:

The laughter here.. is beautiful! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Mooji laugh so deeply.. it’s comparable to the innocence of a baby. Laughter, I always love watching people laugh..but I think just now, as I write this, I learn a greater reason why I love it so much!

Anonymous says:

Live this one so much, a favourite I go back to

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