Mooji Video: Everything is Already Done

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In this video Mooji explains that all we need to do is hold our attention on presence. We need to follow the movement of presence rather than handing the moment over to the mind to try to figure out what’s next.

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Hazel says:

That’s such a great analogy. The mind gets us running around an office that doesn’t exist, trying to file everything in boxes.


Karin says:

I love the humor, the metaphors to get the message across

sally says:

Moojiji you are a Friend Indeed Om Shanti Shanti Shanti and my Love Just Is May your Winter be wonderous Love Sally UK

Anonymous says:

I love you Mooji, you are helping me day after day. I’m coming out from cave I was living in.
Everyday I climb a bit and I see light. The higher I climb the simple it gets. You show me grace, grace is showing me freedom.
Thank you

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