Mooji Video: When You Are Empty the Universe is Free to Express

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In this wonderful video, Mooji speaks on the fact that we need to set the “person” aside so that the Universe can express freely.  Another reminder that life wants to express through the body without the agenda of a false sense of self.

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Anonymous says:

…’you know there is no John Brown inside this body!!!!! ” 🙂 🙂

Chris says:

Just what I needed today.

Thank you.

Bernadette says:

five stars pointing : thank you, thank you !

Will Gaines says:

This happened to me when I sat with my Dad when he died. I was looking into his eyes when he took his last breath. This is probably the most powerful of all the insights I have had, and tremendously liberating. There is just a gentle exhalation and then nothing. It hit me then. Dying is the most beautiful and satisfying aspect of living. That was the turning point for me. After that, I had no fear and life started to become tremendously beautiful

Lisa Lawwill says:

Will Gaines, that is such a beautiful sharing. I’ve not had the honor of being with someone as they took their last breath.

Cathie says:

It happen the same
Sending love from them all in one

shelley freeman says:

Thank you Mooji. Wonderful. “when you look at the human being, you should see God.”
Thank you.

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