In this lovely 12 minute talk we are guided by Mooji through self-inquiry to see that whatever we perceive, remember, learn, think and experience are all sensations appearing in and witnessed by the consciousness we are. Let’s watch now…
In this inspiring 12 minute video, a questioner says that she experiences the most amazing reaction in her body in Satsang and asks, “Why Does Listening to Satsang Feel Like an Earthquake is Erupting Inside?”. Let’s listen to Mooji‘s response…
This recording is part of the ‘Best of Zmar 2019’ collection.   In this retreat excerpt, Mooji gives a potent and distilled guidance into the recognition of the pure sense ‘I Am.’ Let’s join in…
In this clever little 5 minute video, Mooji reminds us that in the process of melting our identity as a person, or a somebody… It may very well take a very special somebody to become nobody. Let’s listen to Mooji’s explanation… Includes French text translation.
In this FANTASTIC 5 minute compilation created by Jasmin Davis, we find clips that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mooji is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the way his followers feel about him and that he constantly discourages people from kissing his feet.  It just so happens that this is a VERY common way to show respect in the Indian community and they just feel the need within themselves to show their respects to Mooji.  Let’s listen to the reality… Click here to find out why people kiss feet in the Indian tradition.
In this very short video, Mooji helps us understand the meaning of that “stateless state” he often calls emptiness.  Although emptiness cannot truly be defined (as it has no quality with which to define it), this video is a valiant attempt to illustrate that which cannot be illustrated.
In this lovely little thirteen minute video, Mooji helps us to center ourselves in our true being and feel how we are without our story. Most of this video can be used as a sort of guided mediation designed to help bring our attention back to the Self so let’s get started…
In this magical thirteen minute video, Mooji takes us all the way back into emptiness so that we can experience, even if only for a moment, the joy of our true nature as silence.  Let’s begin the experience…
In this short five minute excerpt from a Sunday Satsang held October 2017, Mooji talks about the beauty and power of complete surrender.
In this wonderful ten minute video clip from Mooji filmed in Brazil, he replies to the inquiry “When you wake up, what is your first experience?” He uses his reply to this question to show that nothingness always remains unchanged and that we are this nothingness (emptiness, space). German translation included (Click CC).
Here’s a great six minute video clip taken from one of Mooji‘s Satsangs in which he reminds us of our true position and how to identify that which is only coming and going.  Let’s reflect with Mooji…
In this beautiful 5 minute video filmed on one of Mooji‘s walks, he encourages us to take at least one break (more if possible) to just stop what we are doing to take a moment for ourselves in silence, joy and peace.
In this fantastic ten minute video, Mooji responds to the question, “How to attain the state of blissfulness?” by taking us through the series of realizations that must take place until one’s inmost truth (Satguru) throws you out of yourself and enters your absence.
In this lovely five minute audio, Mooji explains that there is no “out there” because our nature is beyond infinity. How can “something” beyond infinity be found “out there” somewhere?  Lets listen in… (German subtitles included)
In this very inspired five minute video from Mooji, he impresses upon us over and over again that our true nature is “Prior to” anything and everything.  Here Mooji explains what he means by that…
In this 5 minute video clip, a questioner wants Mooji to confirm her understanding of the Self as emptiness so that she can be 100% without doubt and finish her search forever. Mooji responds by explaining that as far as the mind goes, there are no guarantees and no way to guarantee that doubts will never come. Let’s listen in on Mooji’s brilliant answer…
In this super short three minute video clip from Mooji, he reminds us to let go and detach from everything. He uses the wonderful analogy of being like the sky who has no worries, opinions or thoughts about its content.  Small video with a big message.
This 8 minute clip from one of Mooji’s Rishikesh (2016) Satsangs focuses on the quickest and most direct path to the Self, the most direct path to Awakening, simply by dropping everything and realizing that what is left is YOU.
This 8 minute clip from one of Mooji‘s Rishikesh (2016) Satsangs focuses on shedding everything down to what can not be shed to remind us that we are not anything that is happening.
This beautiful 7 minute video clip from Mooji starts out by sitting in silence for a moment with a devotee and then by reminding us that we are the ever-present silence experiencing our own world through the concepts that occupy the mind.
In this six minute video, Mooji explains that because it is not fair to ask the world to be quiet so that we can be quiet, we have to find that quiet place within us which is independent of what is going on around us.
In this 5 minute video from an impromptu walk in the hills of Portugal, Mooji explains that there is no need to try and understand the universe and fill your mind with concepts that can only lead you away from the “Self”. The key lies in becoming empty and following the light within ourselves.
In this 9 minute video we find Mooji doing a short guided meditation asking us to stay empty and remain unplugged from the goings on of the mind.
In this seven minute video clip, Mooji leads a seeker to the “Self”. Mooji shows her that she is the ever present nothing in which all “somethings” appear and disappear.
In this short impromptu video moment, Mooji explains that we should live our lives as the sky (emptiness and free). Enjoy this moment of wisdom with Mooji outside of the formal setting of public Satsangs.
In this 12 minute video Mooji discusses with an inquirer a common phenomenon that occurs for seekers at a certain point.  Many seekers come to a point when they realize that they know nothing.  The mind has a really hard time dealing with this because the mind’s job is to do. It is looking for a job. Mooji explains that when one realizes they know nothing, the best course of action is to do nothing and be nothing. Otherwise, your mind will just try to replace one concept with another concept.
In this video Mooji speaks with a woman who has a father that has Alzheimer’s and helps her to understand that perhaps what she sees as a miserable state, is actually a preferred state of being. Our minds automatically feel like if you don’t have memories and desires that life can be miserable, but actually it can be quite the opposite.
This 4 minute video from Mooji provides more wisdom then entire libraries of knowledge.  Once the message in this video has been assimilated fully into your beingness, nothing else is needed for total freedom within.