Mooji Moment: Stop! Take a Few Minutes to Just Be

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In this beautiful 5 minute video filmed on one of Mooji‘s walks, he encourages us to take at least one break (more if possible) to just stop what we are doing to take a moment for ourselves in silence, joy and peace.

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Anne says:

Thank you so very much for your wonderful blessing Mooji. I feel it in my heart. So much love to you.

Anonymous says:

Thank u so much for yr blessings….thank u for showering the kindness….

Michael says:

Namaste, Thank you, No mind speaks too you.Amazing Space, Empty, Yet full of Grace.. Blessed Art We..

Cristina says:

This is going to my…..birthday wishes message to my dearest ones !!!

Marlene says:

We all love you too Mooji – thank you thank you thank you from us all

Pippa says:

Your words are soft to my ears. My heart feels more open. Thank you sincerely.

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