Be Present Where You Are ~ Mooji

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THIS IS A SUPER SPECIAL VIDEO! Are you feeling restless? Here’s 8 minutes of bliss…

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Ranee Oberoi says:

In todays world Maya, For a young individual all this sounds, a difficult journey, “This-That-here-there” are just words, Sounds within leads us to our understanding, Total peace,The physical “I” wants to chatter, but Inner, seems to lead to this space beyond ,Then there are no words….
We are blessed to be in two place of experssion within and outer, How we manage is our Buddhi, And stay blessed with aweareness.

Veronika Birken says:

Very beautiful. Worth watching many times as it applies to my experience and will be helpful to apply and remember.

Nayana says:

Witness…..and stay in to “be”….wonderful video,

Diane says:

Thank you, I will watch this many times today
Receiving these videos are the highlight of my day

Rowena says:

Me too ๐Ÿ™‚

Rowena says:

Wonderful one, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

misha says:

wonderful ~ beautiful, thank you, Mooji, lovelovelove

Anne says:

“…Sometimes you just keep quiet and something is recognized in this stillness. Not as in ‘okay this what I need to do now’ but almost as if this recognition occurs and also it is coming in to flow an energy to the next place…”
Beautiful relevant message! Knowing this truth but the mind stressing over it. Moojis words just dissolved the stress and suddenly ‘I’ could breathe again

Maria says:

Thank you for these enlightening words for my restless mind.
Perhaps now I can finally find some moments of rest.

maria ines says:

Love you Mooji. Thank you. Love you sangha, thank you
i need subtitles in spanish or portugues <3

Thak you thank you thank you

Uva says:

Thank you with all my heart Mooji, a beautiful and deep gift – gentle and loving. I am so grateful, filled with LOVE – feeling “home”.

Sean Paton says:

Thank you so much you are the mirror to the guiding light that dwells within that I was so blind to for so long until your teachings reminded me to look again. Thank you mooji. love light and peace be yours.

anne says:

thank you…thank you…thank you

Anurag says:

I am trying hard to understand what Sh Mooji says implying all that on a current situation like me where I am unable to get work for a living … Please guide me if I am wrong

Anonymous says:

You’re past, maybe yesterday or last week had in it, an episode where you did not succeed in efforts to find work perhaps? Then fear that later, in the future, this will prevent me from procuring resources I need. But this moment is all there ever is. When looking just be looking:) These things are not always easy for us though:)Peace

Sonia says:

Absolutely splendid.thank you

Uschi says:

This is a precious gift for me which leads me to take a little step closer to my freedom, I am very thankful. Deep love to you and the community

Chris says:

No words for the gratefulness and Love I feel to be reminded in such a friendly and loving way.
I could ( and do ) cry my heart out over most of Mooji’s teachings. What a bliss… Thank you.

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this wonderful video of Mooji’s advice full of wisdom and love for the humanity… his words resonates in me like this: when we are listening to the thinking mind, we notice that it wants us to keep going to the next place or doing the next thing but it will never ever want to be still. But beyond the thinking mind and to just be without being possessed by going somewhere or doing something is the most peaceful state we can be in. Wherever we are the Peace is … sooner or later some impulse will come and when we remain in the flow with that – it makes us effortlessly do the most important thing in the moment … this is Freedom! Thank You… Namaste!

Dana says:

Tears pouring down my face as every time I listen to this session with Mooji..the tears come because the Truth is recognized and is such a gift, a comfort, a light. Thank you.

Anonymous says:

Thank you l love you Mooji

Cliff says:

Beautifully communicated wisdom

Afsaneh says:

Isn’t it amazing that when a need a certain guidance, I receive a notification of Mooji babaโ€™s video. And every time, it feels as if it is just for me….. thank you Mooji baba guruji.

Seema says:

Ditto for me too ๐Ÿ™‚
Amazing!!!! Love you loads Mooji baba. Thank you SO much

Brigitte says:

Thank you Mooji.I feel to be reminded in such a loving way.


Linn says:


In all the seasons of our years
There comes a time to lie fallow
A time to relinquish
In order to renew
A time to trust the round of Being
That plowed and harrowed soil
Of stardust and of earthworms
That blessed loam furrowed
With the dreams of nourishment
For soul as well as body.

Maria says:

Trust that something bought u here and it will bring u home.. Moojj

Anonymous says:

Good Morning!
Thank You, Thank You!

Anonymous says:


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