Mooji Video: Simplest Instructions for Freedom

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This 4 minute video from Mooji provides more wisdom then entire libraries of knowledge.  Once the message in this video has been assimilated fully into your beingness, nothing else is needed for total freedom within.

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Starshine says:

thank u Mooji…Beingness in Silence is all that is needed…

jim rich says:

Stay in, of and AS the awareness that you are. OK!

Vesna says:

Always – stay sa the awareness. Wonderful. Thank you

Ralph says:

right on target, thank you! <3

Anonymous says:

What is Satsang meaning?
Thank you.

Idrea Ramaci says:

Sacred gathering.

Danielle Choquette says:

Simple and precious! _()_

Bill says:

Simple, precise, and the absolute truth.

Seeking is over. Love is here… and was always here.

Thank you Mooji for the gift you are. -Bill

Laise Maria Poerner says:

Uau simplesmente! Amado Mooji te agradeço!

Marilyn Fioravanti says:

Mooji – I find your teachings of essential value – most important to my life. It is really all tha is needed if one picked one teaching.
But why are these all several years ago? Not that they aren’t eternally valuable. They most certainly are true for all time.
But I would love to hear a teaching from you on ths time of triple shocks to humanity and our planet – Covid, Climate crisis, and the horrible war televised for all to see in its horrible tragic suffering.

Pease speak on this and help us. I know you would say something that most of us are not capable of thinking of in this time.

admin says:

for the latest from Mooji go to but it doesn’t matter the age of the material as it is timeless.

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