Mooji – Your Thoughts Have NO Power

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This video is a must see!  Listen to what Mooji has to say about the “power” of thoughts.

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Veronika Birken says:

I have given many unwanted thoughts the ‘five star treatment’. Now I see this, I can be more watchful of this. THANK YOU!

Veronika Birken says:

I have given many unwanted thoughts the ‘five star treatment’. Now I see this, I can be more watchful of this. THANK YOU! As long as I remain unconscious of thoughts moving into the field of my awareness, I will continue in the old habit of taking them seriously and inviting them in and playing with them. Now I am willing to be more alert.

Anonymous says:

so beautifully explained by Mooji xx

Glenda Jasper says:

When my mind goes into thinking of thoughts I’m rambling with myself only..
As when my mind is completely Silent as breeze flowing thru me then knowing the difference makes my moment clearer.

Mark says:

and everything is a thought.

Anonymous says:

Very clear advice!! Thank you Mooji!

Glenda Jasper says:

Again I listen Mooji for this high voltage of life with so many sounds but yes when silence becomes one we become the vibrancy of observation within
We reach this plateau of serenity indeed so it shall be done..

Glenda Jasper says:

Mooji you have helped with opening of all that removes in thee

For you have wisdom long before as ancient as it spread in the thickest of all minds so shall it be done to bring silent serenity to the World


Chris says:

Happy to hear Mooji talking. Afterwards there is a sense of ease and calming down due to not taking the thoughts so seriously.


Anne says:

Thank you so much for this Mooji I love your simple ‘baby food’

Janel Barthe says:

The peephole, the five-star treatment…Thank you dear Mooji.

shelley freeman says:

This is the key to freedom. Thank you Mooji.

Richard H. Pratt says:

What part of us entertains these thoughts ? It must be some aspect of our consciousness that is out of control, a reflex of some sort. Bringing Awareness to this grasping aspect will allow us to observe the thought play, without getting caught in it.

Brigitte says:

Very clear and just beautifully explained by Moojibaba.

Thanks so much!

Maria says:


You can’t stop your thoughts.

You just make the concious decision not to feed them.
. There like friends who knock but u come back in the police car.

Next time just look through the peep hole..

U can’t stop the thoughts, a thought itself has no power over u, but u can choose not to give it the 5 star treatment.

Beautiful as always.

Just realize the thought has no power over u if u don’t feed it.

And the thinker who thinks the thought is also a thought.


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