Mooji – Practice Not Required

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Practice may be enjoyable and help your ego to reach states of peace, but this has nothing to do with realization. As long as there is a “Practicer”, there can be no realization. Who is the practicer? Unreal!

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Atma says:

‘Who is the meditator’? Thank you Guruji

mary says:

thank you

Sujata says:

Thank you Mooji
On this video the words below sre different than what Mooji
Is saying… But it is all the same

admin says:

Dear Sujata,

The words below describe exactly what he is saying.

If you would like to point out where there is a misunderstanding, please let us know.


misha says:

Love YOU

Ave says:

Once upon a time a guy named Anthony Paul Moo-Young was searching and practicing…. he was not doing it vain- it has brought ultimate peace to him and to all who listen and are open and understand!
Yes, at that last point the practice itself and the practitioner will also drop, true!
Anyway, do that practice as long as you need, but keep in mind it is only a LADDER not the destination.
Thank you! We need and profit from the videos!

Margit Rajda says:

IGEN! Köszönöm,

odete santos says:

Grata por todo este conhecimento que me vem elucidado Mooji Namaste

Siamak says:

Thank you so much

Maria says:

I’m not the doer of the actions, I’m not the thinker of the thoughts. I have no identity, I’m awareness.


Anytime I try to define myself I confine myself. Mooji

Julie Herbert says:

Mooji! Many blessings. Your invitation. No words except Thankyou. Grace Mooji Grace.. and gratitude

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