Mooji – Is Reincarnation An Obstacle to Realization?

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In this seven minute video, Mooji speaks on reincarnation as a possible obstacle to realization. Perhaps because so many of his followers believe in it, or because he is so heavily steeped in Eastern tradition himself, in either case, it is noticeable that Mooji has difficulty talking about reincarnation and does not do so very often.  However, you can hear the “Truth” coming out towards the end of this video when he says “Reincarnation means nothing for me… WHO AM I who will incarnate or reincarnate?”

Mooji’s entire message in a nut shell is that the only concept that separates us from our true “Self” is believing in this “idea about ourselves”.  There is NO separate one.  Once accepted that there is no separate one, WHO/WHAT is it that is to reincarnate?

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Donna Sprague says:

I am one who does want this to be my last incarnation. I have resented being here since the body was a child’s body. The material form is a good hindrance and brought me to Mooji!

sethu says:

Enough of this mundane life of cycles of opposites. i choose to get released from all this Mooji thank you for showing a way.

Joann says:

Mooji, Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see you smile. You are so human in those moments and I know you more, in what makes you happy, than in any other thing I grasp with my mind, even when I know what you are saying to us is true. The truth in what you are saying confirms my own experiences but when I see you smiling and you light up with what is making you happy, I then truly feel more alive in that moment of your happiness than in any other moment. There is something so profoundly true in what I am speaking of, to you directly. This encounter with life is what I seek. May my heart not be blind to the many gracious forms of love that are expressing themselves all around me even now in our still very troubled world. May that I could be a beacon of this joy and love. Thank you Mooji for sharing your light with us.

Manfred says:

All the time I doubted all the talking of reincarnation and rebirth and all this stuff. You break it down to the simple question: WHO wants (or does not want) to reincarnate? And I´d like to add: who is so proud of his own personality, that he tries to make/think his ego immortal? The self is empty and quiet and free of all these concepts of birth and death and incarnation. This light of awareness is shining thru all of your words. Thank you.

Sujata says:

Thank you Mooji
Your being lights my being

Anonymous says:

Thank you Mooji!

Kiah says:

Thank you Mooji.Something about me has always been conscious and uncomfortable all my life like I do not belong here and like i’ve been watched by an invisible form so it feels like mostly everything i say or do is an act except the silence. I like and enjoy life despite its gymnastics and have welcomed death in many moments of a ‘dead end’ sort of a space which comes about irrelevant of whether its a moment of complete despair or complete contentment. Yet im afaraid of reincarnation as i dont want to die with this fear that i may come back as an unawakened being to start all over again?! Love you and sooooo grateful for u. Blessed am I to be with U:)

Ave says:

For me, revealing my past incarnations in deep meditation was a huge relief of fears and shift in seeking for real being. After this I was feeling ready to let everything go and open to the pure awareness. And it is A REAL THING! Thank you, Mooji for very useful advice, especially how to distinguish between ego and self.

Rekha Patel says:

Om…Thank You with my Love…Pranam Beloved Mooji!!!…Om.

Tatjana Bulesic says:

I’m carring this life full of happy moments, sometimes sad, but this is all life, everythings comes and goes. For this reason I don’t see purpose of everlasting changes that happend and I wan’t to go or be the channel true whom will bliss, nirvana, share with others, otherwise I don’t see the point to be here on earth in this body. I really don’t, not anymore…

odete santos says:

Muito muito grata Mooji este vídeo abriu o meu o horizonte eu não costumo pensar nesse assunto eu vivo o momento. Agora fiquei esclarecida Namaste


I want your DARSHAN personally. I can not afford to come SAHAJA MONTE. If there will be your visit to Lucknow, How I can know?


And thanks for everything I gained from Just listening your SATSANG


admin says:

You can find out about Mooji’s schedule and where he will be by going here:

Anonymous says:

Thank you, Michael for ALL the wonderfully helpful videos you post all the time. You give so much.

Jennie says:

I love you so much . Your smile brightens my existence.

Annie says:

Your message is so clear and direct.. I am so grateful to have been at your Satsang in Rishikesh.. Thankyou Mooji.

Jude Covacevich says:

Mooji you make me Smile…Namaste

Elya says:

Merci de tout cœur !

Brigitte says:

Thanks Mooji for your clear explanation about reincarnation.

Maria Band says:

First it was my reason to grow, so that I didn’t have to come back. So the reason was in fact fear. Now I laugh about it. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Maria says:

Who is it that incarnates..i was here before knowledge and il be here after..

Thank u

Anonymous says:

I would be extremely glad for this to be my last incarnation. The knowledge that it won’t be is what actually deters my spiritual progress because I just think what’s the point when I’m going to come back with the same veil of forgetfulness anyway.

Anonymous says:

Hey guys! If you listen to this video carefully you will realize he is saying that there is NO reincarnation. Here is a video that also says that by Mooji and a few other masters:

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