Mooji – Enlightenment is for the Mind

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Awakening or Enlightenment is not for the self. The self “IS”.  The entire process and realization is only for the mind.

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Emma Feigenberg says:


mike says:

Thank You.

Anna says:

Wonderful!!!!!! What a blessing you are dear Mooji!

Laura says:

Blessings dear Mooji as you spread truth and light to all who listen.

Rekha Patel says:

Om…Thank you…Love n Pranam Dear Mooji!!!…Om.

Kathy says:

Thank you to all & a beautiful new year! Peace be with you

Kathy says:

Thank you Moojiji & staff. Happy peaceful quiet mind to all

Mohamed Alnamky says:

Thank you SAT GURU

Brigitte says:

Thak you Mooji!

Anonymous says:

Forever grateful. Namaste

Marvaud says:

Thank you Mooji Namasté

Jan says:

Thank you Mooji!!! Namaste

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