Mooji – How to get over your troubles…

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In 7 minutes you may find the answer you are looking for. Make sure to listen closely to words in the very beginning of this video.

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Michelle Scott says:

This is so profound for me. I feel very close to Mooji and have been following his teachings. This has tremendously helped me come to terms with my trials and tribulations.
Thankyou for all your work in bringing Mooji to me as I am unable to go to him. All this helps me and gives me joy.
Love and Blessings

Kathy says:

How beautiful wake up my beingness wakeup I love you take over this surround me burst me explode me with love! Thank you Moojiji & staff for bringing the truth to this world!

Anonymous says:

Me reconosco tanto tanto tanto pequenos cocos vienen cada dia a despertarme Un million de gracias. Tus metaphoras son unicas. Love love love Mooji

Joan Solon says:

With love and gratitude for your time, your empowering talks and meditations. My heart is opening.

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