Mooji – Don’t try to get rid of anything.

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In this video Mooji reveals that not even the masters can completely
escape the momentary return of the false sense of self. Be kind to
yourself and welcome anything that presents itself.

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Kanchan says:

Thank you Mooji for this wonderful advice. Thank you sangha for sharing this video clip.

Kanchan says:

Wonderful advice, ” I don’t mind” let anything come. There is no preference, but enormous space.
Thank u again and again. With lots of love to all of u

mike says:

Thank you. I feel that there is so much for me to learn at times. And at other time so much to unlearn. Thank you. Namaste.

mary says:

thank you!

Anonymous says:

So helpful!!!!!!!! The I isn’t the problem; he can and will come to help me remind that he is not real. Thank you Mooji 🙂

Anonymous says:

So helpful!!! The I can and will come and it is not a problem when I see it is not real. Thank you Mooji

Diane says:

Many thanks, Always there , always wonderful

Sunil says:

Terrific, mind blowing, wonderful, Amazing, superb, Beautiful, THANKS MOOJI

Gillian Phillips says:

Thank you!!!!!
Big squishy hug.

Lalla says:

Thank you again and again to you Beloved Mooji and to all of your team, amazing video !!!!! Always wonderful !!!!!

shelley freeman says:

important video. This is key. Not to mind what comes and goes.

Anonymous says:

Thank you mooji, your toutube videos were very needed for understanding what i went through , and for awakening and remaining as my true self ❤️

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