Mooji – Shortcut to the Self

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We only need to drop everything we have read, everything else we’ve been told, only direct our attention to the source of attention, the source of all… simply awareness.  You are that!

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Anonymous says:

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said “My Guru told me I am not what I think I am, I am that Witness behind all things … I trusted him… and acted as though it was true for me and contemplated his words unceasingly. Every moment I found time to be a little free …I contemplated this and all these ideas flew away and all there was, is what is Here Now”.

Aashna says:

Isnt that so amazing, so simple so beautiful; it is far too easy to complicate it to the point of being overwhelmed with information, in the end the information is useless if it confuses… Am so greatful to see this vid, as this is what happens to me a lot; confusing the simple…

Anonymous says:

Thank you for the quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He will forever be my master.

sethu says:

Thank you !!!

Aashna says:

Stunningly clear and simple… Thank you soo much <3

Diane says:

Thank you

Diane says:

I have just watched again, I put my trust,completely in you,

Anonymous says:

Simple! Great! Thank You <3

misha says:


Chris says:

Thank you.

Keeping it simple, Yes!!! 🙂

Rekha Patel says:

Om…..Thank you…its very simple…easy n short way you explained we are you….very nice video…with my Love…Gratitude…Pranam to my Beloved Mooji!!!……Om.

jennie says:

So simple so beautiful. I am here.

Juan says:

I just love the Master, because his energy of love and true Self, liberates me.

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this fabulous video full of so much love and wisdom radiating from Moojibaba.
We don’t need to believe our mind or follow all suggestions it proposes us …
Why not – just wait and see what happens naturally …
Neither do we need to remember all knowledge about everything – in fact, we don’t need to know anything nor to listen what the human mind has to comment or say about everything in every moment … and still we are aware of everything that happens within and around us …
When we drop all of that, that we have in our human mind … we realize that the “real knowledge, which actually is needed ” arises spontaneously from our core, the Self who we are. An empty human mind in silence – that is Freedom. Thank You … Namaste!

Ashok Kumar Sinha says:

Thank you.
Thank you

Thank you.


It’s so simple, thank u.

Christa says:

Thank you. No more to say than that.

Brigitte says:

It is stunningly clear. thank you Mooji!

Maria says:


My guru told me I’m not what I think I am
I am the witness behind everything
And knowing that creates a certain amount of freedom within me.


I love when he said no matter how good a sales person is u won’t buy if u don’t want it.
The mind is the greatest sales person but it’s empty promises so don’t buy.

Love your work, and wisdom

Maria says:

I love when mooji said
Don’t touch what’s next because that’s not who u are.

Its empty promises from the mind, the mind is a great sales person but u don’t have to buy.

The mind always wants to figure things out brick by brick but your not the mind but behind the mind.

The witness of it all.

As what comes and goes isn’t u, u are behind it all.

You were here before the knowledge.


Thank u.

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