Mooji – Awakening From Wrong Identification

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Mooji explains that consciousness wants to experience anything and everything it can through this body, but in doing so it gets more and more hypnotized into the dream of being the person. Once we have reached a certain maturity, it is time to wake up from the dream and realize that we can still experience without identifying with form.

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Ellen Levin says:

Helpful to be reminded that pain pushes us to return HOME…..Thank you Mooji!!!

Angelica Christi says:

Perfect message this morning as I contemplate what ‘Christ-ed-ness’ really means to me this Christmas season. I always receive another big alignment into Self each Christmas, and I thank you once again Mooji for the clear reminder of what I know but have let the mind interfere too often that I am ‘doing this all wrong’

Rekha Patel says:

Om….Very nice video…with my Love…Pranam my beloved Mooji!!!….Om.

Naresh Nawani says:

Pranam. Om! Again Pranam Om!

Anonymous says:

I love you too kisses century along the up

Brigitte says:

Thank you Mooji for this clear message once again.

Anonymous says:

Inspirant! Merci!

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