Mooji – Who are you?

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This video was taken over 7 years ago and delivers the same message as today.

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shanroy lawes says:

Profound message

sethu says:

Thank you!!!

Cecile says:

Thank you beloved Mooji

Nayana says:

Thanks…..This massage is higher than that….!!!!!

Evi says:

Beautiful message in a beautiful story – and a wonderful translater 🙂

Rekha Patel says:

Om…Thanks with my Love…Pranam Mooji!!!….Om.

odete santos says:

Mais uma vez grata por este vídeo Mooji é maravilhoso Namaste.

Michelle Scott says:

Dear Mooji
This message is very profound and yet so simple for all to hear.
Thankyou for all your teachings that help us to understand our true nature. Thankyou!

Amar says:

Simple way to teach somethingimpossible

Anonymous says:

Thanks mooji i”m too speak portuguese

Brigitte says:

Thank you beloved Mooji for all your teachings!


Maria says:

The personal self is an illusion.

So true, I’m just waking up to this now..

I have to keep saying it to remind myself.

There is no I, there is no you.

I’m just the witness to all objects passing my way.

I have to keep releasing and letting go.

Just be here now.

The personal self is an illusion. I am not my experiences, my story, my loves, my desires, my attachments.

I am loving awareness

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