Mooji – Who are you?

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This video was taken over 7 years ago and delivers the same message as today.

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shanroy lawes says:

Profound message

sethu says:

Thank you!!!

Cecile says:

Thank you beloved Mooji

Nayana says:

Thanks…..This massage is higher than that….!!!!!

Evi says:

Beautiful message in a beautiful story – and a wonderful translater 🙂

Rekha Patel says:

Om…Thanks with my Love…Pranam Mooji!!!….Om.

odete santos says:

Mais uma vez grata por este vídeo Mooji é maravilhoso Namaste.

Michelle Scott says:

Dear Mooji
This message is very profound and yet so simple for all to hear.
Thankyou for all your teachings that help us to understand our true nature. Thankyou!

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