Mooji – The Mechanism of Reality

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In this video Mooji explains the mechanism of God, person and pure self. This is one of Mooji’s ultimate videos that explains in simple terms how it all works.

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sethu says:

Love you MOOJI!!! SADHGURU!!!

Nayana says:

Thank you…..your wisdom gives us freedom…..Namaste Guruji…..

Anonymous says:

Thank you Mooji; your words keep me ‘on track’.

Diane says:

Again, how many times can I say thank you

misha says:

Beautiful, thank you thank you thank you, love

walter says:

beyond words …grateful

walter says:

beyond words, grateful

K.zomer says:

Lieve Mooji,
in u kan ik herkennen , wat liefde is.
De vertroebeling van mijn gedachten , maken plaats voor mezelf .

namaste, klaartje zomer

Emil says:

It is a blessing to hear your words. They reiterate what is in my heart. Love and blessings.

Rekha Patel says:

Om….With my Love…Pranam Dear Mooji!!!….I am very Grateful…i listen your Daily Video…its help me lot….i dont understand some words but i enjoy to listen your all loveful…Beautiful…Deep Knowledge your video….Thank you…Thank You…Thank You my Beloved Mooji n Dear Video Group!!!……Om.

odete santos says:

Gratidão gratidão gratidão. Namaste

George says:

the feeling of a smile inside. From listening to you, I feel like a smile. It is interesting to understand one can’t use words when you experience the ultimate and wishing to explain to everyone the experiencing.

James pinson says:

Mooji, you have brought me all the way home. I’m living in absolute peace, which is beyond description. I have an 81 year old mans body containing at least two cancers and and am experiencing happiness to the point of ecstasy. Words cannot describe my joy and gratitude!

Tina says:

Namaste! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this video full of Mooji’s intelligence and love. Mooji’s wise words resonate within me like this … we hear a drum somewhere far away that is calling us home and during our lifetime we are seeking for the right path to find it and somehow one day we realize that the drum that has been calling us home is already inside of our heart …
when the ego dies the divine love within us can keep shining through us out into the world … Thank You … Namaste!

Brigitte says:

Listening to your words, beloved Mooji is like calling me home.
Thank you so much!

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