Mooji – No Problem! Нет проблемы! ~ Муджи

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Do you feel like you are experiencing some problems?

This video belongs at the very top of “My Favorites”

There are 3 major pointings in this video:

1) “If there is no identification for anything that happens… there’s NO PROBLEM!

2) “It’s all just a happening”, even your body is just a happening by itself. You did not ask for this body. It is just happening.

3) “Don’t take responsibility for what is happening by itself.”

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Carmen says:

thank you!

sethu says:

Right in the middle of problems, this insight will be of great help. Thank you!!!

Aashna says:

The timing could not have been better; thank you for sharing this, sooo much <3.

Akashi says:

I wake up with thoughts…it seems mind never sleeps :(.

Deepak Datta says:

The way he puts up and phrases the truth, the reality, the actuality; is like an elixir, a nectar. He takes you by the hand and then in the arms and then makes you stand face to face with the one you been asking, searching for

Margund says:

Thank you for this clear “reminder”,it sticks in mind.
To stay in awarenes and watch the “game”,wonderful.
Success included !

Nayana says:

Very grateful for vip video….Thank you…..

Diane says:

Your video always comes at the right tine, so grateful

Glenda Jasper says:

Namaste Mooji indeed in breath we consume nothing as responsible rather we consume Truth in Breath
All frequencies of thoughts creates exactly what is applied by emotions
As we continue the frequencies of Dog barking and the Birds singing we then become this reality in Breath..

Anonymous says:

What is meant by awareness or being awareactually? Can He explain please/? Thanks

ranbir sidhu says:

awareness is mind without thoughts.In fact awareness identifying itself with thoughts is called mind.

misha says:

crystal clear love

antonio says:

How can put in words , what cannot be expressed by words, only the silence is near of That!

Rekha Patel says:

Om….Thank you….explained very easyly….nice video…Love..Gratitude…Pranam to my Beloved Mooji!!!….Om.

odete santos says:

Simplesmente maravilhoso grata. Namaste.

Joanne Lafond says:

This puts words on circumstances that could have kept providing trouble in my day. Mind and I are distinct each time and we go along here all the time…as cause in the matter may be, problem is an option, it can become a recreational option. 🙂 Like with my worrying mom. We spoke about worrying being an option not everyone uses in life. We looked and laughed at her best recipes to worry, what are the ingredients of circumstances she uses. At the end of an hour of this sharing, she said she believed she would not be a good mom if she would not worry, so she will continue. What changed is she cannot worry when we are together, it makes us laugh cause we see her doing it. It became recreational for her and now she is 84 and she (I and mind) spend their time on what matters to them. Not fight with my self as mind thoughts or as sensed surroundings ( including people) provides. Merci Moojï. That is where I’m at with waking up daily, present to what I can be as cause in the matter. Matter (body, mother, clouds, shooting stars) seems to be according to my beliefs.

Joanne Lafond says:

*my observerver belief to be an I and mind. 😀 have a great day, sutting us well.

Haileselass says:

Thank you It is God’s gift for me

Karl says:

Who or what is identifying with whom or what?

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this lovely video full of Mooji’s wisdom! That is the way Life expands by challenging us … just to make us more mature by letting us confront so called “problems” and to help us to realize that nothing in life is personal. Let us say that something “terrible” happens and what seems to happen is that the human mind starts immediately to create some problems for us. Okey, something “terrible” has happened… but had we anything to do with it or did we make it to happen? – No, it just happened and that seems to be our reality now – but – life hasn’t stopped there – no, it will continue to unfold – in fact more easily if we have some trust and patience in life and let it show us the way by not reacting, as the human mind does – no, simply by being aware in silence… the direction is there for them who are mature enough to perceive it and who have courage enough to follow it. Thank You … Namaste!

Joseph says:

This video came at the right time. To not identify with the mind and to “keep Quiet” within and to just observe is the crux of this talk, and it makes a lot of sense in beginning of Self-realization. Stay with it.

Ashutosh avasthy says:


connie says:

man, so grateful for mooji videos <3 <3 <3
thank you thank you thank you

Caroline says:

Thank you so much

Bruce says:

No mind, no problem!

Anonymous says:

how can we live without our mind and thoughts ?

Thierry says:

This has been a recurrent question with me: Mooji refers to deep sleep as a state where consciousness is absent. There is then no Iam to witness that state. Yet brain activity, under the form of dreams, hardly ever ceases during sleep except for relapses. Just as there are gaps in between thoughts during the waking state. Gaps outside of time.
So mind is there, and quite active during sleep and if there are gaps of void, who is there to register them ? And while the mind projects all sorts of scènes and images during sleep it does so as would a camera on a screen and one can almost hear the noise of its little mechanic. The mechanics of time.
Thanks to all and have a good night sleep.

Brigitte says:

This video came just in time. Thank you Michael!


Shelley Brennan says:

Fantastic message.

Siamak says:

That was amazing

Linn Bayne says:


Selfisthe person you want to be
when you follow the rules of society,
when you are Somebody
at the top of the ladder
where you’re alone,
richer but sadder
in the prison of you.
Self is the person you want to be
when you dare to let go
of identity, when Nobody
knocks at the inner door
that you open with joy
so you can explore
the infinity of y9ou.

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