Mooji – Meditation: A path to realization or concept?

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This video will be quite controversial for those who believe that meditation is the path to realization. Meditation is a wonderful exercise that one can do to bring temporary silence and peace to the personality but it must not be confused for a tool that brings a true understanding of the “Self”.

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sethu says:

Thank you!

Glenda Jasper says:

Mooji your breathed silence in you as you flow in acquaintance with self resonates not as apart but in whole as in Joy of your teachings verbally you have opened the Eye of the self

We each have this unique flame that carries us to the temple as we reside in silence of knowing the difference in you as your flame of enlightenment expands so too it flows uniquely in his presence..

Awakening says:

Meditation is, indeed, a path to realization, not concept. We need no external guru, for we already possess that which we need, but for this and other realizations to come to fruition, we must find quietness and stillness within ourselves. How else can we hear the internal guru of the Self, I Am, Isness? Meditation is both an essential tool and, at the same time, the goal itself. As the lady inferred, ultimate realization comes, through practice, from within, not from the external words of an external guru.

admin says:

This is a misconception. Who is to hear “the guru”? Meditation is an exercise for the “person”. The “self” requires no meditation because it is silence itself.

Jackie says:

Thank you for that clarification

Dragan Atanasov says:

Don’t get caught up in the fact that he is an external guru. Rather listen to his words to understand and realise what they are pointing to. Meditation is about centering. Finding your own true nature, isolating it, and staying in it is the true form of meditation where you are not doing anything in order to meditate. You need to let go of thinking and let go of doing in order to realise that you are always actually in the space of your own beingness. And once you find it, you have to make sure that there is no mind or any other identification with anything at all, otherwise your own true nature becomes a very cheap and illusive space which means nothing to the mind. This form of meditation has nothing to do with either doing anything or creating any identity (of a meditator).

AnnaKarasinska says:

I came to realization without meditation it just happened in the perfect divine order and time nothing is needed. Namaste

paula says:

BeLoved Mooji you set this personal mother free in moments with your pointing! Just dropping in with you open up that view that frees me in each moment. Meditation has been a blessing..this that has been revealed is THE SOURCE OF ALL..BLESSED AND LOVED. I LOVE YOU BeLoved Mooji LOVE

Thea Khama says:

The revealing in this video is so kind an supremely loving.
Even as Egos enter and exit and get excited, presence is steady and generous.

Linda Jame says:

When a raindrop touches the ocean can it share its “story”’?

How can infinity become and then be lost? AMEN.

Thank you.

Shaun says:

Remember that all gurus, external and internal, serve only as guide posts along one’s path. The path itself is endless and takes many turns, and one who turns left is not lost just because he/she didn’t turn right. Mooji’s words represent merely another direction. If they do not resonate with you, then perhaps it isn’t the direction you are meant to be going at this time. That doesn’t make it the “wrong” direction, it is simply not “your” direction. Let go of that which does not serve you, lest it weight you down and keep you from moving forward. ☮Namaste❤

Jae says:

We defend attachments. If there is no attachment to concept and technique, there is no need to defend these.

Dwight Anderson says:

Mòoji did not discount the value of meditation. To assume that is misleading. It is a wonderful if not an essential tool to realization. It allows you to reach a state of stillness and clarification that facilitates self inquiry. To reach a place of non-meditation when no one is left to meditate. Self-inquiry is meditation.

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this incredible video of Mooji’s way using his wisdom. Moojis words resonate within me like this: We can be in a meditative state all day long without “sitting and meditate” – meaning – that this state of peace, joy and happiness is within us all the time. So, we are aware of our innerstate as well as we are very focused and alert how life is unfolding in every moment and we act when we need to.
The Self is aware of everything and it is everywhere – meaning – that the Self is aware of our innerstate and of where we are, of what we are doing or of where we are going simultaneously without interrupting …it just let life unfold – that is who we are! Thank You… Namaste!

Tammy says:

This poor lady left the conversation totally missing the point of what Mooji was telling her. She is stuck in her identity as spiritual person and what she thinks that says about her as a person. Meditation is only a pointer to allow you to go into stillness. However, meditation is not required. It’s only a spiritual tool. The only true way to go to stillness is through presence. You can access this all day long. What a wonderful video! I love you Mooji.

Brigitte says:

I agree completly with what Tammy said (2018).

Thank you so much Mooji.

Rae says:

It felt odd that he showed almost anger or pettiness at the woman in the end…

Maria says:

Beautiful.. Love his wisdom, he keeps pointing to us to release the identity over the mind and the role we play.. Love how he’s just on the next level.. Super concious mooji

Tom says:

Natural meditation spontaneously arises when the apparent ‘doer’ stops doing and there is aware presence. Being, not doing. This natural way of being can be set up through the balancing of neurobiology of the human instrument under the guidance of an authentic teacher who knows.

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