Mooji Video: An Intimate Moment With Mooji (Yourself)

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In this inspiring seven minute video, Mooji shares an intimate moment from Monte Sahaja in which he basically describes the true essence of meditation without having to label it as a “meditation”.

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sally says:

What to say..What to Say..Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.Mooji Baba Thank You.

George Stephenson says:

To explain Truth manifests basically what is not even real. The explaination is only possible by acknowledging non oneness hence making the explanation necessary. Words cannot convey truth accurately making the exlanation more ” difficult”. This perception who is “Mooji” is beloved Thank you and me. Namaste

mila says:

Dearest Guruji! Special message. Truth from his mouth become sweater and sweater. Thank you, So grateful.

Linda Wood says:

Involuntary Perception! A Profound statement. Leave it to Mooji….who thinks like this. An extremely wise deep thinker. Thank you Mooji..

EDMÉE says:


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