Mooji – Inertia or Restlessness

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In this short video, Mooji provides such a lovely way to deal with feelings or inertia or restlessness. This is a must see, five star video.

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Lady Lena Hall says:

When he was talking I feel so peaceful almost I was in a diferente world and the music very peaceful to.
I just love it all the peace around me.
And that’s all I needed right now.I’m sick with so much pain around my body..So I will be so much blessed with Moogi .

sethu says:

Thank you MOOJI for the insight!

mike says:

Thank you.

Nayana says:

Thank you…..Guruji…..Namaste.

Anonymous says:

Beautiful, so nice. Thank you Mooji.

Rowena says:

Thank you

Ann says:

Thank you for the gift of seeing beyond the noise of mind this morning. Thank you..i will turn to that power within. Love & blessings.

Anonymous says:

Really one of the greatest and important video …. for me !
Thank you Mooji !

serge says:

Thanks you Mooji. Love you all

Chris says:

I had another heart opening hearing this…Mooji’s words are infused with love.

Thank you.

ginger Blymyer says:

DA DA DA Thank you very much.

Jude Covacevich says:

Namaste Mooji …..

Thea Khama says:

What if I give up the need to do, to impress, to take action? The mind “needs” so much. Let the river flow and allow consciousness to guide itself where it will. “I” is part of the whole so it won’t be left behind as we go. Such profound and simple guidance Mooji. Thank you.

odete santos says:

Grata Mooji. Namaste

Anonymous says:

I can hear you.thank you.

sally says:

Beloved Guruji Mooji Baba
Thank You
My Heart to your Heart
Om Namah Shivaya

Terra says:

May I realize the strength and courage I have within my Being that allows me to Be with any feeling, sensation or experience that should arise, and not run away.

Mararía says:

Thank you so much for your wonderful poin ting dear Mooji ♡ love to all

Carol Wright says:

thank you – I have only discovered these videos recently because I saw the Nothnig, Nothing , Nothing video on facebook. I was attracted to that because I could understand – but I am getting old (75) and although I was a Catholic most of my life, I find these practices more meaningful, more heartfelt. I need to learn to be quiet.
Thank you again – blessed peace, namaste

Ilse Funk says:

Many thanks to the team of media folks who reliably continue to place a delightful gem in my “inbox” every evening from Mooji. I know OUR donations help to perpetuate this gift to us all.

Anonymous says:

I love you Mooji..

Brigitte says:

A important video. Thank you so much Mooji!


Anonymous says:

Forever Grateful.

Anonymous says:

Beautiful. Thank you.

lynley says:

Utterly profound

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