Mooji – Remain Open

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Mooji reminds us to stay fully open so we do not suffocate the spontaneity of life.

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Atma says:

Thank you Beloved Moojiji for such clear Loving Guidance <3

Caroline says:

O yes! This one is brilliant! This one is five star! Perfect! Thank you!

Salila Winkels says:

Happy Guru Purnima Day Beloved Mooji.
I never thought to find a master again, that speaks to my heart and soul as you do. I have fallen in love again and for this I thank you
I know you don’t really get to read this and it is for me I’m writing it – a declaration of my love for you, the Guru of my heart, an acknowledgement and recognition against resistance.
Today, Guru Purnima Day 2016, I recognise it and gladly acknowledge it. This video moved me to tears and earlier today I found myself plotting to visit you in Spain on my way to Germany later this year. All is possible. For all this and so much more, thank you. Namaste and Om Shanti

Richard H. Pratt says:

Self Inquiry can lead to Enlightenment, but Enlightenment is not the end of the individual. Great God Men and Woman have stated that they retained their individual self-hood. Nor did these Gurus say that karma did not exist. Mooji’s presentations are wonderful and I have read ALL of his books, in addition to watching these Satsangs. But Karma and the evolution of the individual Soul, is a fact from Masters as ancient as the Buddha. It only drops away when it chooses to, and even then, it may choose to enter a form. God does not restrict Himself, to Himself alone….he is who he chooses to be. The Buddha, Kriya Babaji, Ramakrishna, Paramahansa, all were individuals then and still are now. NAMASTE.

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