Mooji Videos: Death to the Weeds of the Mind

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In this 11 minute video from Mooji, he explains that the best practice is to keep placing the attention on the presence within and soon projections of the mind will loose their attraction. Once the attention and presence become one, all weeds of the mind will die.

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Iona Courtenay says:

Hi there Beloveds,
I wanted to watch the whole of this Satsang, but there is no link to it on my page, can you help me with this? Thank you
Namaste, Iona <3

Vesna says:

One more wonderful guidance from beloved Mooji. Thank yuou so much. <3

Eric says:

So awesome. Thanks for posting. 🙂

Rowena Scotney says:

wonderful one! thank you 🙂

Ayesha Powell says:

one to come back to again and again – – in case we get caught up in the “traffic”

Rajda Margit says:

IGEN! Köszönöm, Mooji!

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