Mooji Video: Beware of False Awakenings

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In this short impromptu video clip, Mooji describes that for many of those who feel they have “Awakened”, they truly have not “Awakened at all. The first sign of these false “Awakenings” is the pronouncement that “I have Awakened”, “This is it!”. These types of “Awakening” moments still smell of arrogance and identity and are almost always temporary in nature.

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Margit Rajda says:

IGEN. Köszönöm, MOOJI!

Samudra says:

What music is this at end? So beautiful!

sally says:

Om Namah Shivaya
Blessed to always have you in front of me. I am devotee
Thank you

Savitur says:

“we” have to watch out for self aggrandisement.

Savitur says:

We have to watch out w self aggrandisement

Anonymous says:

thank you thank you…

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