Mooji: The Unassociated “I Am” – The First & Last State in Consciousness

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In Part 1 of 2 of this amazing discourse with a devotee, Mooji takes us to the unassociated “I Am” sense and explains the importance, yet temporary nature of the “I Am”.  In Part 2, even the “I am” is seen as a temporary phenomenon observed by the one and only “Self”.

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Starshine Giese says:

Beloved Moojiji…in answer to ur ?…Life is taken care of itself: everything just happens! Heart beats, breathing happening, etc. Staying focused on (no words to describe this Nothing), one could say I AM, AM IS…………..

Thank U, thank U, thank U beloved Master…Jai Gurudev

sally says:

Thank You Beloved Master
Namaste Guruji

Maite says:

Merci merci my master « je suis » est la même quand quand la symphonie joue et je me perds

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