Mooji: If I Give Up the Person, Who is Going to Take Care of My Life?

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In Part 2 of 2 of this amazing discourse with a devotee, Mooji shows that for most, the understanding of the “Truth” is only mental and that in actuality the Truth has not been realized within because of fear of what is going to happen to their physical existence (or life) if they give up the idea of who they think they are.  Mooji goes on to explain that one must stand boldly with their understanding to realize the full meaning of the Truth.

To view Part 1 (not necessary), please click here.

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[…] Am” sense and explains the importance, yet temporary nature of the “I Am”.  In Part 2, even the “I am” is seen as a temporary phenomenon observed by the one and only […]

nella says:

what is the VOid ?

Vesna says:

Void is like an emptiness, empty space… ❤️

Vesna says:

Wonderful, powerful. ‘You ARE life!’
Than you

sally says:

Namaste Excellence I Love You Sri Mooji Baba
Thank You
Om Namah Shivaya

Palesa says:

Right time for this message, Thanks Mooji for your timing.

inge says:

so powerful en clear.

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