Mooji: Want to Know How You Can be a Better Person?

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The answer to this question is super simple and Mooji reveals how easy it can be.

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veena says:

For the first time probably, could experience that quietness through a virtual medium. I am grateful!

Salila Winkels says:

So simple, if not easy – let Self be the captain of this big ship – being a human – not the Mind. Thank you Mooji, for the reminder.

Rani says:

It’s amazing why we are not taught this fundamental truth from childhood, the most important knowledge for our lives,

odete santos says:

Sem palavras simplesmente gratificante grata grata grata <3

Iona Cameron says:

Nothing to do. Nothing t become… what a relief!

Katy says:

Thank you! I love the song at the end. Where can I find it?

Anonymous says:

Thank you so much, just what I needed to hear today. One love

Palesa says:

Thank you so much, just what I needed to hear today. One love

Kavita says:

I find myself changing I don’t feel like socialising what is happening to me! Now no one calls me and I feel alone pl guide me mooning thank you

admin says:

What you are experiencing is perfectly normal. Here is something from Mooji that may help.

Soin énergétique Martine says:

how happy I am in my being to meet you from heart to heart as the blade is great it has traveled a long way to finally see your love, joy of the love of gods that dwells in us gratitude for being this peace this love I love you blessing to you hearts

Rowena says:

So beautiful, ´thank you for allowing me to be nothing’ ❤️

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