Mooji Video: I’m Not Interested in Anything Anymore

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This is an AMAZING video. It deals with several subjects at once:

  1. It helps deal with the feeling that nothing is of interest anymore
  2. Mooji describes what his journey was like when he had nothing at all.
  3. Also confronts “What is my purpose?”
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Anonymous says:

Mooji”s words are again so helpful! He understands and motivates me (the ego who sees and feels the self when the mind is not trying to take over). Thank you Mooji.

Atma says:

‘I know the twists and turns of what has to happen …… ” <3 There is Complete Trust in The Most High….. always surprises … 'such is the path of the free' <3

Anonymous says:

Extraordinarily false, wrong,thank you for not being my teacher.

Angelica Christi says:

Thank you Mooji. That was my exact question/statement this morning. Even to the point of receiving an invitation that the mind said, ‘This will solve all your ‘problems’ if you accept’. I know that is a lie, as the ‘problem’ has been the inability to completely without doubt, trust.

Eric says:

For those on the path of deliverance letting go is at the center of that path- Grace replaces everything drawing us closer and closer to who and what God is – Grace itself brings teachers to us – mooji is certainly one ….

Tracey Grigg says:


nahid says:

I love you mooji, these videos are the answers of everything that is unfolding in daily basis.
Thank you staff for your beautiful and fruitful work

Hilda says:

I appreciate Mooji’s work. It would be much appreciated if all videos were captioned in English — at least here in US — for the benenfit of deaf and hard of hearing viewers. Thank much for doing this — sharing his videos here. Namaste.

Hailesela says:

Thank you Man of God Mooji
Staying at nothiiness is a powerful experience and a cleansing agent for rightnous and ultimately receive the abundance grace of the Almighty

Lalitha Shivanandan says:

Dear Mooji ji
Hi and I got it! . !

Marie says:

Thank you! Just what I needed to hear today.

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