Mooji Answers: How Can I Get Rid of the Ego Completely?

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In this eleven minute video clip, Mooji responds to an inquiry from someone who feels that they have realized the truth and yet can’t seem to get out of the shadow of the ego. Mooji then explains the residual effects of the ego and what to do to stay on course.

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Rekha patel says:

Om…Thanks With My Love…Pranam …Dear Guruji!!!…Very Nice n Deep True Knowledge…Om.

James Steven Farnsworth says:

Excellent Session with the master Mooji!
Thank You for your work!

Grazia says:

As the tiger, the ego do not exist. I am it’ s all that I am. Thank you beloved Moojiji! Thank you Rhada!❤️

Mary says:

Thank you mooji

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