Mooji Video: Many Are Not Ready for the “Truth”

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In this 9 minute video, Mooji explains that many pointings are completely misunderstood because the seeker is not ready for the “Truth”. They may be so identified with the world of form that the pointings don’t really make sense or taken to be literal in nature. The question is, “Are you ready for the truth?”

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Rekha patel says:

Om…Very True..Thanks with my Love…Pranam Dear Guruji!!!…..Om.

Lalitha Shivanandan says:

Dear Mooji ji, so true that we r not ready for the TRUTH.even after accumulating knowledge about the truth,we still can’t reach that state in a simple way .we want to follow it in a complicated path.!oh mooji show us the truth in the most difficult way.

sally says:

Jai Satch Ananda
Namaste Mooji
Grace Is All

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