Mooji Video: Discovery of Truth Must Come Naturally

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In this 7 minute video filmed on one of Mooji’s walks in Portugal, Mooji explains that you can not “practice” your way to the discovery of the “Truth”. It can not be something that you make up or keep up or force into being. All of these activities require a second version of yourself, a false version of yourself that keeps you from realizing your true self.

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Carmi says:

I am searching my father for a long time. and I found you.
I am searching guide, protection and love of a parents. and I found you. it’s hard to be far with you my father but every time I watch you, I’m at peace. I love you papa mooji.

Sonja Mödrath says:

Namaste, ich bin in Frieden, danke für deinen Kommentar

Ileana Katzenelson says:

Wonderful excerpt. I also loved the song. Can you please write who sings and what the name is.

Melissa Baus says:

I understand, each and every word. I agree with every word you say , I can feel, you as if I’m inside of you when you speak. I can feel it in your eyes..

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