Mooji Answers: Even Interest in Satsang is Going… what now?

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In this seven minute video, Mooji replies to a devotee who says that all interest has gone and that now even the interest in Satsang is going and he wants to know “What now?” Listen to what Mooji has to say…

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Anonymous says:

Om…Thanks with my Love…Gratitude…Pranam to my Beloved Mooji….Om.

"Daniel Payne" says:

A true living Buddha. Bless you Mooji. Namaskar

Amanda says:

Thankyou Mooji, that showed me a lot

Danielle Choquette says:

Gratitude to you,Sri Mooji Baba _()_ OM _()_

Anonymous says:

New seeds of peace joy love & compassion are growing by grace.

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