Mooji Answers: Can I Live a Normal Life After “Enlightenment”?

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In this very short 5 minute video, Mooji explains that there is no such thing as a normal life. He goes on to explain that an “Enlightened” one looks at life differently and so his/her life will take its natural course.

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Carmi says:

Thank You mooji.
I always have a problem about my mind and my thought.
It brings me everywhere. I have too much power to my mind.
I quickly think negatively. but my feelings and my mind is connected. that’s why I follow it. but I get burn.
recently my husband betrayed me. He had an affair to other women. and I felt that I crashed on the ground. my mind show lot’s of things, my heart always beat so fast, I lost my trust, and I don’t know who I can trust. I have a feeling of surrender. but, there was a time I go back and forth. The memories, the past. I cry and cry. but I don’t punish myself. inside of me is a burning sensation that sometimes I don’t want to wake up. sometimes I just want to stay in the corner.
I sit alone and cry, asking myself WHY? your teaching help me sometimes ‘not to mind my mind’ but sometimes it’s so strong. my heart is burning EVERYDAY and asking again, when it will finish this pain?

Danielle Choquette says:

Move the “me” out of the way,and everything will be fine! Thank you,Michael _()_ <3

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