Mooji Answers: Seeing With the Eyes of God

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In this 8 minute video, Mooji replies to an inquiry about how to tap into the “larger” consciousness that will take care of you. In his reply, Mooji covers a lot of ground on waking up so that one can ultimately see with the eyes of God and be as pure consciousness and the realization that all is taken care of automatically.

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Anonymous says:

everytime I think i have seen the best Mooji video …guess the rest..

Joanie says:

Exactly as Course of Miracles states re:.Self. Thank you Mooji for presenting Truth in such an easy way to understand. Namaste!

Jose says:

I really awakened on many levels after a psychosis, i am grateful for that. But towards my body it is difficult, cause i have weight issues due to medication, i witness myself eating unhealthy, but cannot escape it. I want to take care of my body. Loose weight. How can i overcome this issue, what is Mooji;s insight upon health and body. I know i am still identifying with being bigger, heavier bgody, how can i let this go? Bring enlightenment towards weight issue?

Sara Gurton says:

Hi Jose, how are you doing now?

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