Mooji – What is true religion?

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This short five minute video demonstrates Mooji‘s beautiful view of religion.

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Bob says:

Thank You!!!

Yannis says:

Thank you!

Katherine says:

So beautiful.

Glenda Jasper says:

Namaste Mooji thru you in the eyes of the beholder

JAI says:


Anonymous says:

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Shantidevi says:

Thanks for having sent so many Satsang videos to me. But, please stop sending them now, at least for a while! As soon I have more time, I will ask for them again.

Love, Shantidevi

admin says:

This is not the proper place for this request, but we have unsubscribed you as requested.

Carmella says:

I am in love with this being who calls himself Mooji. The gentle energy is palpable. Even just to look at him brings joy to my heart.
Always, always am I happy to see him.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kiss, kiss, kiss…

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this video of a human intellect and Mooji’s wide view expressing his wise words I perceive briefly like this: True religion is that we learn to trust life and to experience peace, love, happiness and joy inside of our hearts and to realize that the god in all religions is the Truth of who we really are. Thank you … Namaste

Brigitte says:

Mooojibaba just to listen to your words and to look at you bring joy in my heart.
Thank you for this wonderful video,

Maria Band says:

To beautify! I love that!

Pauline O'Connor says:

I love this man , he has saved me,

Pauline O'Connor says:

Thankyou Moojibaba, your words and satsungs have saved me , l love you ,thankyou

Tina says:

Thanks be to a (our) true Satguru…Moojiji. His sweet description of true religion comes from the place of Peace, Love, Joy. The Truth that he is. We are all searching for True Religion (Truth) …even if we are yet aware of that. And we are already That! Jai Satguru Ki Jai !!!

Anonymous says:

Beautifully said and soTrue
Thank You Beloved Mooji

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