Mooji: Free Will

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In this 6 minute video, Mooji speaks on the subject of “Free Will”.  Mooji explains that we have “apparent” free will, but in reality once we realize that we are consciousness itself, the “will” to have free will dissipates into nothingness.

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sally says:

Divine Timing.Every Single Moment..Guruij Mooji…THANK YOU For Being You.xx…. and Thank You’ All’ For The Gifts Of Sharing . Such a Giftxxxx..Gratitude IS Minexxx. Naturally, I want To Be With You..In The Physical..Whislt Still Alive..Lets See What Opportunities Unfold…..My Heart To Your Hearts. Love Sallyx

Liz Garland says:

Thank you love and Light x

Cynthia Hankerson says:

Two words. Thank you!!!!

Juliette Zahavian says:

Thank You! Much Love

Juliette Lite says:

absolutely wonderful, so much still to learn , thank you

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