Mooji Video: Time to Stop Paying Alimony to the Mind

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This is part three of a three part series of Mooji speaking to one inquiring mind searching for the “The Truth”.  However, every part stands on its own.  This particular interaction is very lighthearted as well as providing super clear insight as Mooji leads this being from confusion to clarity. This is a MUST SEE for anyone experiencing any kind of confusion.

Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2

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Atma says:

Profound Challenging and Clarity. Clear Direction. Thank you Moojibaba

Starshine Giese says:

Thank U Our Beloved Mooji…this is right to the point…Hari Om

Brigita says:

Oh my God, she completely doesn’t get Mooji. She is asking silly questions. It’s all other way around. I hate that kind of questions.

admin says:

This is a very important set of videos. The fact is that more than 95% of seekers are exactly like this lady in one way or another. The switch in perspective has not been made. The importance of the videos is that perhaps one can recognize a similar thought or belief within themselves and help them to make the switch.

Anonymous says:

She said herself she spent a lot of years in her head, so what many humans do this she is just being honest, she is a spark of God regardless of what her mind says if you “really got” Mooji you will never judge her the way you did you will actually see her with so much love and simply see that she doesn’t yet realise who she is

Margreet Kiewiet says:

Who hates this kind of questions, Brigita?

Rowena says:

Such good videos thank you. It would be wonderful to see this lady again, I wonder if awareness happened at some point.. ❤️

Chris says:

I completely agree with anonymous, she asks herself as so many people do and Mooji will not judge but help.Thanks her he is so clear to me ! Would be nice to know where one can find the whole entertainment. Thank you so much ..

Salila Winkels says:

Thank you so much for these daily reminders and thank you lady for showing us where our own confusion is. Above all, thank you Mooji for speaking so clearly and compassionately to all of us, where ever we find ourselves on this path.

Pia Morgaine says:

Profound gratitude to you, Michael for sharing this set of 3 videos. It’s easy to see why they are your favorite. It seems this lovely being is such a beautiful representative of the human condition. As I watched Moojibaba not allowing her mind to take hold, I felt such enormous love for her, as well as my own being……because I could so relate and identify. In your comment above, you said perhaps this will help someone make the “switch” in perspectives if they could find something similar within themselves. Please know know your loving intention has hit it’s mark, ever so deeply within this one. Thank you SO MUCH!!

Karin jackson says:

Thank you so much Michael. All the question this wonderful lady asked are the same in me. So greatful for her honesty. Thank you mooji for your patience.

Uschi says:

Thank you Michael! This is fabulous!

Annie says:

Ohhh thismade me chuckle

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