Mooji Letter: “My Mind is Winning… What Can I Do?”

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In this FANTASTIC 11 minute video, Mooji replies to a letter from someone who feels that their mind is winning and wants to know “Is it really possible for me to stay in truth?”.  Mooji explains that it is NOT possible for the “Me” to stay in the truth and that the only way forward is to give up this false sense of “Me” and find that place within that requires no effort.

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Starshine says:

Dearest Mooji, thank u for this teaching today for i have found the complete Truth in it…once one gives over to the Source completely they will see/understand how it really works; there is so much more i want to say but there are no words in the description; all i can say is I AM, AM IS…Thank you, thank you, thank you…I Love the Being that we all are…Namaste’

veena says:

Why am I not one of those few takers?????????????

Vikrant Bhardwaj says:

It’s effortless Mooji. My beloved guruji Initially after the awakening to act in the world as a person effort was required. But Now the intensity of silence and peace is such that even the worst chaos and family drama taking place where all old conditioning of mind tried to engulf the self but failed. I am feeling gratitude beyond the capacity of words to express I see Shiva expressing through my guruji I am waiting for next opportunity to be at your feet in India. Lots of Love my Guru my Self

ted mccreery says:

why not se’s e if we could bring back mahsariss I s ashram back to llife.

Maite says:

C’est merveilleux une merveille merci merci sri Mooji

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