Mooji Video: Welcome the Lion on Your Path

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This video contains a very special message designed to help us to drop EVERYTHING and strip us back to a place beyond time and intention.  A place where we can truly experience our true nature.

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Diane Giese says:


Vesna says:

Wonderful. No other word is needed.

Yoke says:

I just love this video, because all else is making sick. Thanks a lot

Odete Santos says:

Lindo adorei grata Mooji Namaste

Joanne says:

I so like the presence of my man, look in his eye, do nothing, laugh walk breath and do things for no reason except may be enjoy a moment.
And there is still a lie: we have obligations.
we live in the lie. surrounded by a lie… or do we?

I “know” I know that. It explains the miraculous or inexplicable of my time and “makes” me responsable of nothing going on. Is it necessary to have everyone know that ? somehow, no one is here, me neither. 🙂 Sort of : What is the point?

Joanne says:

Nothing is also absolutly beautifull, enjoyable and impressive 🙂
Isn’t it though it is nothingness expressed may be?

Danielle Choquette says:

Nothing there……just the joy of Being! Thank you! _()_

Maite says:

Merci merci merci dans les moments de souffrance ce n’est rien rien rien
Merci complétement abandonné à la Grâce

Anonymous says:

This is incredible. They are all incredible. thank you!

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