Mooji Wisdom: One Total Tapestry of Dreams

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In this 5 minute video, Mooji manages to explain through concepts, who or what we truly are. Within the “Self” we find “Consciousness” and within “Consciousness” we find all of manifestation. Without true separation the trinity is complete as “One”.

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Dave says:

I get lost when Mooji says there is something that observes consciousness.

Marisa says:

I can understand Dave, as that would imply separation, everything is connected. peace.

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Like fiber optices. The light source projected through the optic that has its own crystalline disc and the fiber end throws Kaleidoscope patterns. Acceptable Folds over in that it’s all occurring in the source rather than outside of the source.

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Though I am a New B. Soo.

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