Mooji Video: Say Yes to Yourself

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Mooji describes Satsang as a mirror for the infinite to gaze upon itself and that in Satsang we can witness the shift from person to presence. We can then realize that we are even beyond the presence itself and have life flow before us as compelled by grace.  It all starts with letting go of the image you have of yourself and saying “Yes” to your true self.

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Solveig Larsen says:

Simply exquisite.. Thank You

Margit Rajda says:

YES! Köszönöm szépen, Mooji!

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thanks again for your time. It’s greatly appreciated

dianne says:

If I perceive there is a problem, and I therefore seek to solve it, and in doing so, invent the technology for mass production of food which is so vital to our exploding population in the world, to keep people fed, and alive — is this therefore not a useful achievement?
If I just watched as people died of starvation because we as humans did not have such a facility of technologically increasing the volume of food grown etc etc, and did not think about, and then act upon my designs to improve the situation of so much suffering, would that not be a sad thing?
I could just live in the now, and be the Witness, and DO nothing —Is THIS not seen by Mooji as a sad thing? Or maybe if choice is an illusion and right/wrong, life/death are not our concerns, then people dying of starvation does not matter?
This is not meant to be a cynical post AT ALL, but the questions remain.

admin says:

Just because the validity of the ego is gone does not mean that no action is taken. Appropriate action takes place spontaneously. I don’t know why people think that just because one realizes the self that life comes to a complete stop.

Andre says:

Michael, thank you for putting this together. I have a question the mantra that you used for this video, could you give me the author and the name or source where I can find it please. It so soothing and beautiful. Thank you!

admin says:

Hi Andre! This video was created about 10 years ago so we no longer have that information but I heard it was similar to music made by Deva Primal.

Ilse says:

Thank you Om nama Shiva

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