Mooji: The Prism of Individuality Within the Totality of One

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Mooji spends a few minutes explaining why it is so that when one human being is “realized”, if we are all one, why we all don’t become “realized” as well. This is super interesting and very well explained in terms almost anyone can understand.

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LW says:

Love, love, love!

Ambar says:

Beautiful ! So heart touching .

Anonymous says:

I like this explanation… thanks. Namaste.

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thank you for my 200th video. It was special. So clearly put. I love listening to MOOJI. Thank you all for your time. Good choice of material. Love to everyone.

Odete Santos says:

Grata Mooji Namaste

Danielle Choquette says:

Mooji Baba explains it so clearly,so clearly! Thank you! _()_

Tracey Zimoch says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Scotty says:

Ah! Such a blessing. Thank you

Maite says:

This à translation in french or spanish? Thank you i dont anderstand the subtility

Karin says:

Oh vielen Dank für das heutige und die vielen anderen wundervollen daily reminders!!! So schön und hilfreich!!!

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