Mooji Video: Abandoning Freedom for A Ghost Story

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Mooji speaks of the stillness in deep sleep that is also here in the waking state and how easily we are willing to abandon this stillness for the highs and lows that playing the person offers because we are addicted to experiencing. But the truth is that we can continue to experience life without buying in to a ghost story.

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Starshine says:

Thank U Moojiji…from person to presence to absence…

Elaine says:

Can someone answer this question? When I dream during sleep is it my “mind” influencing me? I have some disturbing dreams, why is this?

admin says:

You are awareness witnessing random mind activity pretty much the same as when you are in the “awake” state. The only difference is, the “awake” state seems to be a little less random where the activity seems to me more connected or related.

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