Mooji Video: Will I Continue When the Body Goes?

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Mooji starts out reading from the Avadhuta Gita and comes to the final paragraph when it says “Once Truth is realized, there is no more necessity to be reborn”.  Because so many people hold reincarnation near and dear to their hearts (and may even shy away from realizing the Truth because of it), Mooji explains things further and ends up answering the question “Will I Continue When the Body Goes”.

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Susanne says:

Dear Mooji,
After listening to this video about continuing or not after our death…I have a question…
Because I heard that a bodisattva comes back to help beings even if he doesn’t have to, life after life, not to ever give up on beings, until samsara is exhausted…
So , what can You tell us about this?
Most humble and lovingly,

admin says:

Please watch video again and again until the realization comes to the question “Who or what is to come back?”

Starshine says:

“Only the formless essence truly exist”
Thank you again n again for the wisdom from The Avadhuta Gita

Anthony says:

My Master said we are born in order to find God,or SELF, who is Pure Love,our real nature. Therefore,the only way one can find God is to grow in Love until you merge into it (Jesus said “:I and my Father are One”) also “The gate is narrow ,it is not easy to pass through.” these are non dual statements,Jesus must have been exposed to them at some time,possibly in India.

It is not normally possible to attain Self Realisation in just one life,maybe Jesus did,who knows?
one reincarnates again and again until the merging happens.
One has to shed the person idea to be free of delusion…easier said than done!.
Also we are drawn back into a birth because of past Karma.
Avatars or Bodhisattvas come back through their own choosing to help mankind.

anthony lambert says:

I wonder if the Entities who work through John Of God in Brazil are Bodhisattvas even though in
their former lives some were Catholic saints, holy men and women ,well known doctors even King Solomon!
It seems there are those who have been on Earth choose to help others from the “other side” so foregoing complete merging into truth or maybe they are not fully Self Realised ?
It could be said totally concentrating on ones own merging might be selfish when there are so many souls suffering all kinds of problems? it also indicates life in other planes of existence which is hardly mentioned in non dualism
.Just because we feel Self Realised doesn’t mean we are, we have to careful not to be deluded, that would be egoic we would therefore be surprised to find ourselves on another plane of existence after death. I wonder what Mooji or anyone has to say about this aspect of different planes of existence that can interact with the Earth plane as in the case of John of God.

Bill says:

Remarkable! Thank you Mooji. -Bill

“I am that from which life eminates. You are that whose presence life flows out. The source itself.” -Mooji

wendy yee says:

resounding yes to unseen Divinity, so totally felt intuitively

Anonymous says:

Why can’t I open videos

Anonymous says:

Download edge browsers

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