Mooji Video: Don’t Be a Spiritual Parrot

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In this 10 minute video Mooji covers a lot of ground. He speaks about the fact that “awakening” is only for the mind and that the “Self” is not affected in any way whether the mind is awakened or not.  He also speaks on the subject that so many people just go around speaking of the “truth” as if they have internalized what they are talking about, and yet they are fully asleep.  These we call “Spiritual Parrots”, they speak the truth but yet they have no idea what they are talking about.

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Vesna says:

The awakening is for the mind. Thank you 🙂

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm, Mooji!

Mandeep Singh says:

This video has opened my eyes….

Now i can feel the purity of soul.

Mandeep singh


Thankyou for this Great Clarity. Blessings!, Cheerio, Mia

Joanne Lafond says:

minute 3:24 “One realizes this.” My mind interpretes this as an awakening when it hears : one realizes.
Then I heard “One realizes this” as an action, a fact of one going on : “One realizes this.”
And I listened to the video again from this view point: “One realizes this.”
I is not destined to anything and has all these destinies, destinations; one realizes this, including “us” having this conversation, sharing this video, thought, idea, viewing point I see. One realizes this, a sens of affinity where perfect peace prevales in this recognition. Cheers to one! My mind wants to name this integrity, partnership 😀

Anonymous says:

Gracias gracias llegastes estas manana al despertar y entendi mejor con la chica que traduce pour Dios que Bueno que alivio mi ser siempre esta. Namaste

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